Bilbao Bonded Warehouse has a high strategic value. For that reason, nonsingle you will deposit in it merchandise, but all your confidence. And we will keep it as it is deserved.

The operations of transit of merchandise and the operations in our regulating warehouses of specific products and raw materials come developing with habitual character in Bilbao Bonded Warehouse due to the suitable position of our deposits and warehouses.

This strategic position allows us to accede with the most competitive way to an ample zone of influence that includes all the French southwest, North half of Spain and Portugal.


In the scope of the communications, Bilbao Bonded Warehouse is connected with the different continental networks of transport through the Spanish railway system (RENFE), also having direct connections with the European network of freeways and railcars, A-8, A-68, A-1, and A-2.

As far as the marine accesses, Bilbao Free Trade Zone is communicated, through its port, with more than 500 worldwide destinies offering frequent and regular traffics to these points.

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