The storage of liquid bulks is managed through the company Depósitos Portuarios, S.A. (DEPOSA)

The main characteristics of the installation are the following ones:

  • Independent and moved away terminal from other facilities for injurious or dangerous products.
  • Regime of Free-port warehouse or rated burden, according to your necessities.
  • 18.000 m3.
  • 31 tanks.
  • Heating coils equipped tanks.
  • Special tanks for latex.
  • Coated tanks.
  • 500 m (1,640 ft.) of wharf.
  • Weighbridge.
  • Up to 500 tons/hour discharge rate.
  • Direct access by sea, railroad and highway.
  • Load and unloading of ships, trucks and wagons cistern.
  • Other taylor-made services.
  • Own workers.
  • Qualified technical attendance.
  • More than 30 years experience at your service.
  • Allowed products: oils animals, vegetables and minerals, fats, aromatic,natural and synthetic latex, came, musts, glycols,...


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